Problems starting the new version

Some of you have reported problems starting the new version of SportyPal for Windows Mobile after overwriting the previous one.  We had some similiar problems when we uploaded the latest version, but we thought we’d corrected them. So, even though we don’t know exactly what’s wrong, we have some suggestions:

First, try running SportyPal again. Sometimes the first run fails, but subsequent runs are OK.

If that doesn’t work, go to the SportyPal folder (typically /Program Files/SportyPal/), and select “Show All Files” from the right side or context menu. Select all of the files (but not the folders) and delete them. Now try installing and running SportyPal again.

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30 Comments on “Problems starting the new version”

  1. Paul O'Donnell Says:

    Being a naughty boy, I have installed Windows Mobile 6.5 onto my HTC Touch HD, and then added Sportypal, but I am getting errors at various points. Ususally it falls over when I try to start a new exercise, and needs a couple of goes to get up and going, then after my very first ever walk, I uploaded results and then pressed on graph, only to get an OutOfMemoryException.

    Having never had a proper play under Windows Mobile 6.1, I can’t tell you if the error is present there.

  2. Paul O'Donnell Says:

    Things have not got any better, memory leakage is a real issue, if I have it on for about half an hour, (even right after a reboot of the phone) and if an incoming call comes in and the phone just locks up, and after another reboot, it will still then fall over with out of memory errors. Still love it, but it is hard work 😉

  3. Colin Says:

    When I had Sporty 1.0.6 running on my HTC Touch HD on Win Mo 6.1, it did not have the same memory issues that I now *seem* to have have with 1.0.7. Mind you, I never went on the length of workouts that I’ve just done, ie 1hr+ using. However, most of the issues in my case seem to show up immediately on starting SportyPal, ie. not starting.

    I, too being a naughty boy, have installed SportyPal 1.0.7 on my device with Win Mo 6.5. I definitely have to restart the device just to start SportyPal. So perhaps there could be an issue with memory leakage in the build of OS on my device, or dare I say perhaps the OS itself.

    On another topic, upon reviewing a workout on my device, I noticed that the data for Time and Distance seems to have been ‘swapped’ around. Not remembering the layout of the previous version I can’t say which way is right one.

    Also, is there anyway of loading profile and past workouts back on our devices for bragging purposes (about SportyPal of course, umm not about our actual workouts necessarily) ;), especially after people like Paul and myself have been naughty with our devices and need to repopulate workouts/records etc. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • SportyPal Says:

      Several high-res device WM 6.5 users have reported that they are unable to start a new workout until they restart. One of our users has provided us with a report on his device’s memory status that seems to corroborate your memory-leakage theory. What’s worse, SportyPal seems to start crashing way before the 32MB mark (the most that any Windows Mobile application can use at a time), which probably means that shared code libraries are somehow getting stuck in memory, which is very, very bad.

      This can also be caused by devices that come stuffed with pre-installed software which won’t fit into their assigned space and crawl into application memory. We suspect that this is the most common cause for general out of memory crashes while running SportyPal.

      The problem is that we can’t reproduce any of these issues. We can only try to reduce memory usage and hope for the best.

      As for the other topics:
      We’re aware of the swapped items, we’ll have an update released for them very soon.
      You can’t load items back onto your devices at this time… You’ll have to use the website for bragging, we’re afraid.

  4. Cabeda Says:

    I’m very sad to inform that I’ve been not able to use the new version of the Sporypal. Indeed, since I have installed the version 1.07 nothing has worked any longer.
    I’ve tried already re-install, I’ve tried an downgraded, but nothing had any effect.
    I’m quite sad since the version 1.06 was running perfectly and was registering my times.
    I would like to know if anyone has a suggesting of what I could do in order to have back my lovel gadget working fine!

    • SportyPal Says:

      Do you get an error message while starting up?

      • Cabeda Says:

        No, I don’t get any msg, it just doesn’t find the sattelite, it stays in the screen searching for gps and never find anything.
        I know that my mobile is fine because I’m normally using other apps that runs with the gps and because BEFORE I change from 1.06 to 1.07 everything was fine ( I was able to uplodad 3 workouts )

        What should I do ?

  5. Joshua Says:

    I have the same problem The program can’t find the sattelite. My Gps works fine with other applications. Please help

  6. Cabeda Says:

    I already gave up about the version 1.06 and 1.07… I hope that I will be able to use the new one… Very sad indeed since I managed to use the app BEFORE – in the version 1.06 before trying the upgrade – and now for some obscure reason nothing is working any more…

    By the way, you guys have the best fitness program in the market, if it runs it can becomes a huge sucess!

    • Cabeda Says:

      I’m very glad to share with the other users that I’ve managed to use the program again!!

      I’ve followed the instructions presented in the post about how to deal with gps issues; my device is a omnia, and doing what they have sugested not only make the program work again but improve 100x the speed of connection with the gps!!

      Long life to sportypal 🙂 Saving me at least 300 bucks in a specific gadget for controlling my workout!

  7. Ron Says:

    I can’t get 1.07 installed.
    I’m in a circle, saying the previous version is installed and will be uninstalled.
    But it says it can’t be uninstalled, and tries to install it anyway… and that fails also.

    So, as said on top of this page, I deleted the folder in \program files but still no succes.
    What can I do?

    Only upgraded for the map functionality, it doesn’t work anymore in version 1.04 😦
    Otherwise I didn’t bother to upgrade.

    Hope to get it working, please help

    • SportyPal Says:

      That’s strange, we’ve never had problems uninstalling. Did you try soft resetting before installing?

      • Ron Says:

        Yes, softreset before uninstalling, after uninstalling etc.
        Now somehow it installed the program altough it said installation failed.
        I’ll give it a try real soon.

        PS: Is there a way to get my history back?

      • SportyPal Says:

        We’re afraid that your history is gone for good once you delete the folder.

      • Ron Says:

        I understand, but I made a backup 😀
        So I tried to place back the Records folder, but that doesn’t work.

        Anyway, my Program files\SportyPal folder only contains 5 items:
        Languages folder

        Is that correct?

      • SportyPal Says:

        You also need to return the “History” folder to move to get your workouts back.

        As for the item list, it’s correct. The second file should be called “Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Samples.Location.dll”, but we’re assuming that it’s a copy-paste error.

        If you can get the installer to work, there’s a workaround. Open the CAB file with WinRAR/7zip/whatever you use to open archive files. Find the file that starts with “SPORTY” and is about 200KB in size. Extract it, rename it to SportyPalUI.exe and copy it to the folder where the backup is located. This should upgrade you to 1.0.7.

      • Ron Says:

        Too bad, I don’t have a backup of that folder 😦
        Can’t recall whether there was a history folder, but if you say so, I’ve must have overlooked that one…

        I guess I just have to run that track again.
        Ok thanx for your quick replies.

        PS: I’ve always uploaded the tracks I ran.
        Is it possible to look them up via the website?
        You can see all the tracks people made, but how can I find back the ones I’ve run?

      • SportyPal Says:

        You can log in to the site with the e-mail address that you used to register your device, your workouts should be there.

      • Ron Says:

        Forget the PS: Just saw that the site has also improved.
        So I’ve found it.
        Maybe it would be nice if you can download the uploaded workouts back to your PDA.

  8. Tobias F. Says:

    I love your software but i have to reset my device almost everytime before i start my workouts.
    I’m running DUTTY ROM Leo R2 so i guess it is not your fault.
    I’d like to know if people get OutOfMemory exception also with brand new stock devices?
    Since i found this pretty cool tool i like to go running and afterwards check the results and records.
    So keep up the real good work and THX

  9. Steve Says:

    1.0.8 on HTC Ozone rotates annoyingly!

    The rotation of the display on this QWERTY phone is annoying at best. If rotation is necessary in order to display everything on the screen, then please rotate the function of the directional keys also.

    Also, noticed that the display gets messed up when coming back to the main menu after going into the normally rotated settings menu.

  10. Gambit Says:

    I have set the program to display the pace of running instead of speed.
    I have few cycling workouts and the last one – running. So:
    1. Run the SportyPal.
    2. Choose “My Workouts”.
    3. Open one of workouts (ie. the running one).
    4. Use d-pad to change current workout for the next one.
    5. Use d-pad to get back to running workout – the Avg. pace value font gets smaller a bit.
    6. repeat points 4 and 5 until the crash of SportyPal.

    My device: Samsung i780 with Windows Mobile 6.0

  11. Mike Says:

    Have just installed Sportypal on my HTC P3300, (new installation) but everytime I select any of the icons, I get a “Sportypal has encountered an error and has to close” error message, and the program closes. Have even done a restart, but error continues. Suggestions?

  12. Stan Cooper Says:

    I installed version 1.2.3 on my HTC Ozone WinMo Standard (non-touch) and everything seems to operate correctly, but the application only runs in landscape mode. This means I have to turn my phone 90 degrees in order to read the screen. Any hope for a fix?

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