Re-uploading workouts

Sometimes, you need to upload a workout that’s already been marked as uploaded. Some of you that have been having trouble with the WM 1.0.1 update will want to re-upload some of your problematic workouts once they’ve installed 1.0.2.

There is a way to do this in the Windows Mobile version. Open the workout from “My Workouts”, and go to the workout graph. You’ll see the “Upload” button there, and if you’ve uploaded your workout, it should be gray and non-clickable.

Hold the upload button for several seconds until it turns white. When you release it, you will get a dialog box asking you if you want to upload your workout again.

The upload button

The upload button

Note that if you do upload the workout again, nothing will happen on the site unless you deleted the old one first.

UPDATE: As of version 1.1.1, you no longer need to do this. The “Options” menu always be present in the workout details screen and the “Upload” option will always be available, though you will have to confirm if you want to re-upload a workout.

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8 Comments on “Re-uploading workouts”

  1. Ric Says:

    I do not have the grayed out “Download” button. I only get the option to delete. And I just deleted one of my workouts on the site and now I can’t re-upload!

    • Ric Says:

      Actually, I just realized I had to go to the actual graph section to find it. With this particular workout though I keep getting an error and shutting Sportypal down whenever I try going to the graph.

      In this workout for some reason the data was captured and uploaded previsouly but when looking at the online map it would just show the whole world. Is the data somehow corrupted and it will not let me re-upload it anymore?

      • SportyPal Says:

        Somehow SportyPal only saved one coordinate of your workout, and it considers that coordinate to be in pause mode. We don’t know why this happens, since it never comes up on our devices.

        The single coordinate probably confuses the graph, causing the application to crash. We’re afraid that there’s no way to salvage that workout’s coordinates, though we’ll try to fix the crash bug by the next update.

  2. Ric Says:

    Great, that knocked me out of the top 10! Haha. Oh well guess I’ll just have to do some more riding to catch up.

    Thank you all for your continued efforts and fast responses to all my inquiries and bug reports.

    Love the app and site and it just keeps getting better!

  3. Brett Says:

    How would one re-upload a workout on Android?

    • SportyPal Says:

      It can’t be done yet, but it will be an option in the 1.1.1 update that’s coming out these days.

      • Brett Says:

        I updated to 1.2.0 this morning and it has the ability up re-upload the workouts, however, after uploading I still get an error when attempting to view from the webpage: “Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.”

      • SportyPal Says:

        Found it, we’re looking into it.

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