Using the date filter

You may have noticed that there’s a display showing a range of dates in the “My Results” and “My Workouts” parts of the website. This is the date filter.

The date filter

The date filter

Click the date filter to show a slider with two knobs. Moving the left knob adjusts the left date, and the right knob adjusts the right date. Now, when you click the date filter again, the graphs (if you’re viewing your results) or workouts (if you’re viewing your workouts) will be updated to show only data from the period between those two dates.

You can click the “Last Month” button to show only data from the last month. The date range display will not be changed to show this, but you’ll still be viewing last month’s data.

The default setting for the filter is to show the data for the last year. So, if you’ve just started uploading workouts from the past few days, and the graphs in “My Results” are empty, try moving the date filter’s left knob to get a smaller time range.

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