Landscape screens

Landscape screen resolutions (resolutions where the screen’s width is greater than the screen’s height) are currently not supported by the Windows Mobile version of SportyPal. Attempting to run the application while your screen is in landscape orientation will result in a message telling you to set the screen to portrait orientation. If you can manually rotate your screen, this isn’t a problem. Owners of devices that have a landscape screen that can’t be rotated (such as the Motorola Q11) will be unable to run SportyPal.

Since we don’t plan on developing and releasing a landscape version of SportyPal anytime soon, we’ve put together a small utility to help you get around this.

Download the CAB here and install it. There should be a new item in Start -> Programs called “Rotate screen”. Clicking it should, obviously, rotate your screen. Try running SportyPal with the rotated screen. To restore the screen, just click on “Rotate screen” again.

We don’t have a landscape screen device here for testing, so let us know if it works on your device. We have an idea of what might go wrong if it doesn’t work and will post an update to the SportyPal CAB if needed.

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13 Comments on “Landscape screens”

  1. Steve Says:

    I gave it a try and this is what I received:


    at Microsoft.AGL.Common.MISC.HandleAR()
    at RotateScreen.Program.Main()

  2. M.Hamdy Says:

    I think it might be useful if I can retrieve my records from the website if it is erased from my Pocket PC. I couldn’t find a way yet for that. Thanks

  3. Ben Says:

    I still am unable to get the screen to rotate using the aboves applications (both apps do not work) on the Moto Q9C.
    Any help?

  4. Stuart B Says:

    Can’t you just build this rotation feature into your app? Seems like you can detect the resolution since you pop up the rotation message.

    PS. using Samsung Ace..but I imagine many Windows non-touchscreens have this issue.

  5. Stuart B Says:

    I guess rotation just doesn’t work on certain WinMo phones (such as Samsung Ace).
    so unless you change your app to support difft resolutions I guess it’s no joy for us.

    PS. The listing of comments in this thread by date seems a little mucked up.

  6. JJ Says:

    Yes, please fix the landscape issue in the next release. I have a Samsung Jack i-637 and would love to use SportyPal.


  7. rich Says:

    I would love to see sporty pal in landscape as i wear my phone on my wrist it would be ace to easily read my pace while running i currently hate the portrait layout

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