Changing the unit system

Some of our users were wondering if there was a way to change the measurement unit system on the website (e.g. miles instead of kilometers), and it’s pretty easy.

While logged in, go to “My profile” (upper left corner, next to “Logout”, below “FAQ”). In the “Personal Info” tab (it should be the first tab to open), find “Unit system” (just above “Height”) and choose between metric or imperial. That’s it.

Some displays on the site won’t switch immediately, but they will when you reload the page. Note that there’s a bug on the community page where the units in the recent workouts list may not be in the unit system that you chose, but this will be corrected soon.

Unit system

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2 Comments on “Changing the unit system”

  1. Jon Olivier Says:

    I can change to imperial measurements and the graph after the session is completed does show miles, but while running the distance is reported in yards. It would be much more useful if the distance while running was displayed in miles instead of yards. Another handy feature would be to see the pace (minutes per mile) instead of speed. Runners need to see how many miles they’ve run, and their current pace, not the number of thousands of yards or miles per hour. Thanks for considering this. The program is very good and I really like the graph of speed over distance.

    • SportyPal Says:

      All of this is being planned where it isn’t implemented (the Windows Mobile version already has the miles display, and the Android version already has pace), so expect it soon.

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