HTC Touch Cruise stalls

One of our users had a problem with SportyPal on his HTC Touch Cruise, where several minutes into his workout they found that the clock had stopped counting and that none of the stats were updated. After that, the clock resumed as normal.

This seems like a pretty random occurence. The Touch Cruise is a pretty powerful device and it should have no problems running SportyPal. This could be a GPS-related issue, or an issue with other software running on the phone, so we can’t really think of anything helpful to say without testing the device itself.

However, if anyone reading this has had similar experiences, either with the Touch Cruise or with another device, please write in and tell us about the problem, especially if you’ve had success in solving it.

UPDATE: it is more than likely that this is due to the auto-sleep bug. Refer to that post for updates on what we’re doing to solve it.

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7 Comments on “HTC Touch Cruise stalls”

  1. Johan Says:

    Same for me.

  2. Johan Says:

    In power settings I did turn of that the device will shut down after *minutes, and I think it worked…for now.

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi – I’ve had the same issue on my HTC Touch Diamond 2, most notably on the cycling session I’ve uploaded for 31/5. For this session, the clock appears to have kept running but other data – including distance, speed, calories, etc – hasn’t been updated. Weird, but not threatening my quality of life 😀

    On a positive note, I really love this app and it has worked flawlessly the rest of the time. The built in features are really well thought out and it’s great being able to upload my trips and have a central point where I can compare my different sessions. The interface is great on my HTC, and I have no problems getting a GPS fix.

    Thanks guys,


    • SportyPal Says:

      Chris, it looks like you lost the GPS signal on that workout. Those are the usual symptoms anyway. It happens on all devices from time to time, not just Windows Mobile. If your GPS seems to be acting up, it’s a good idea to restart the phone before starting another workout.

  4. Patrick Says:

    I turned off the shut-down options on my HTC Touch Cruise and had a successful run yesterday. Will keep trying this and report back after a few work-outs.

    Thanks for the feedback

  5. linus72 Says:

    Hi, same problem for me with the Touch Cruise: I made 3 workouts since Sportypal installation. the first one was just perfect, the other two not: total workout time is correct but km and calories (and average speed of course) are underestimated. I did not change the settings from the first workout to the other two. I will try to disable the auto off but anyway it is quite strange: in my view it should work or it should not… I will inform you about future tests cheers

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