The thin red line

A user wrote in asking about the difference between the red and the blue line on the workout details map on the website, and we realized that we haven’t explained what the different line colors mean. So, here goes:

  • The blue part of the line just plain shows the path that you crossed during your workout.
  • The red part of the line highlights the best segment of your workout, or the part where your average speed was at its highest. The actual length of the segment depends on the length of the workout.
  • The green part of the line shows a part of the workout where SportyPal was paused.
  • The cyan part of the line should only appear when your mouse pointer is over the workout graph. It highlights the part of the workout that’s represented by the portion of the graph that the mouse is over.

That’s pretty much it. Note that this post pertains only to the website: the SportyPal device application uses a red line (or blue, in some of the newer updates to certain versions) to show the entire workout path.

UPDATE: Some of you have been asking about the map icons as well. Here they are:

This is the point where your workout ended.
This is the starting point of your workout.
This is the point where you reached your maximum speed.
This is the point where you reached your maximum altitude.

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12 Comments on “The thin red line”

  1. Philip Says:

    Thanks 🙂 That helped me

  2. Ken Says:

    Could I suggest putting this in the FAQ? Its taken me a good while to find this and it was one of the first questions I had after my posting first workout.

  3. Tony Says:

    Agree should be put in FAQ

  4. Deana Says:

    Please put this in the FAQ as suggested before – I had a lot of trouble finding this!

  5. Eddie Says:

    FAQ and Q&A are both bad places. It needs to be incorporated into the page as a glossery/legend. Better yet, make it a mouse over, like all of the icons.

    What makes it bad, is that people have been asking about this for almost a year and it is still buried.

  6. styx Says:

    Hi. I tried to use SportyPal and for 2 workouts I got only red line on the map connecting start and finish points. Actually I drove about 30 km, but the shortest distance between these points (19 km)is reflected in SportyPal. All other calculations are also nonsense (because of distance difference). When I am using Nokia Sports Tracker – I get perfect rout on the map and exact distance. What is wrong? Thenks!

    • SportyPal Says:

      Is it possible that you’re using the wrong workout type for driving? SportyPal may have ignored the coordinates that it found to be too fast for your chosen type. Try the same route on free style.

  7. styx Says:

    Thanks. I will try free style. I used cycling type and I was really cycling 🙂

  8. Sprockets.Mountain Says:

    When I edit my workout in the editor and then save it, it will not reflect the edited track in the main workout screen, and the distance remains the same. When I go back to the editor, I find that the actual editing and obviously the distance were saved, Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Thanks

    • SportyPal Says:

      This is a known issue in Internet Explorer. The workout is saved properly, but the browser won’t show the updated workout page and no amount of refreshing helps. Try clearing your cache and/or your cookies, that may cause the edited workout.

      • Thanks for your reply, however I use Mozilla Firefox ver. 4. As a work around, I exported to GPX, deleted the original and imported the gpx file again. Will it be possible to, sort off synchronise the edited version in the editor of SportyPal to the mobile device? Thanks once again and Regards – William

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