Android version officially released

The Android version of SportyPal is now officially available on the App Market. This is the preferable way of downloading and installing the application.


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3 Comments on “Android version officially released”

  1. Chad Smith Says:

    Nice work on the Android version. While the app some odd things (distance was recorded while standing still) the results where actually quite good. The interface is easy to both see and use while running.

    • SportyPal Says:

      Check a few posts back for an explanation on the distance thing. It’s best to use the pause button when you’re standing still.

  2. Chad Smith Says:

    First off let me say that I really like your software. However I have encountered what is a deal breaker for me. I actually check my email and twitter account while I’m running. If I do this, and its happened twice now, SportyPal loses my workout. Unfortunately, there’s no warning or notice that the workout may be lost. The app is sent to the background and stops logging the workout. One of the strengthens of Android is the ability to run apps in the background. I understand there are some power management concerns about the app hitting the GPS continually but surely there must be a method of bringing it back to the foreground on inactivity or a widget that strongly reminds the user take action.

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