Location not being updated at high speeds

One of our users tried to use SportyPal to track a drive on the highway. Surprisingly, when he uploaded his workout (well, driving isn’t really a workout, but you know what we mean), he found that most of the coordinates had not been tracked by the application. The problem? He chose “Running” as his activity.

The SportyPal app filters erroneous GPS coordinates based on the speed and activity type. If it sees you running at 100 km/h, it’s going to assume that the data it’s getting is wrong, and the fast-moving coordinates will be ignored.

Free style is your friend

Free style icon

To avoid this, always try to choose the correct activity type for your workout. If you’re not sure what’s closest to your planned activity, and especially if you’re planning on moving really fast (like highway-fast), choose “Free style”. You won’t get any information on calories this way, but you’ll be able to move fast without fear of losing your coordinates to the filter.

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One Comment on “Location not being updated at high speeds”

  1. lazy worker Says:

    Absolutely correct – I tested it on highway by selecting “free style” and it recorded my full “workout” of about 164 km on highway im Macedonia… It is among shared workouts…

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