HP iPaq hw6900 series

A user attempted to download the Windows Mobile version of SportyPal for his HP iPaq hw6945, but kept getting an error message when starting up the application:

A file required to run the application is missing. Please reinstall SportyPal.

This message is just plain wrong, and it’s completely our fault. What it’s supposed to say is something to the effect of  “We’re sorry, but your device’s screen resolution is too low to run SportyPal“.

Yes, unfortunately, the minimum screen resolution required to run SportyPal for Windows Mobile is 320×240. It says so on the download page. There are no plans to develop a 240×240 version at this time.

The iPaq hw6900 series devices all have 240×240, so they can’t run SportyPal. But, if you do happen to own a 240×240 phone running Windows Mobile and would like to see a version of our application for your phone, drop us a line. If we see enough requests for a 240×240 app, we might just end up releasing one.

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3 Comments on “HP iPaq hw6900 series”

  1. Bruce Megget Says:

    I’m receiving the same error message when I try and start sportypal, but I’m running a Samsung Blackjack II with Windows Mobile 6.1 that does have a screen resolution of 320×240. Is this some other problem that I’m running into?

    • SportyPal Says:

      This is an unrelated problem. We’ll have a new post specifically for the Samsung Blackjack II today, since users seem to be experiencing several different problems with it.

    • SportyPal Says:

      We can’t believe we missed this, but the Blackjack II is a Windows Mobile Standard device, and SportyPal was developed for Windows Mobile Professional. That means that even if you can get SportyPal running, without a touch-screen you’ll only be able to make and upload workouts at best.

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