Bug reports

We just added a new page on the official site that enables you to submit bug reports. We’re still ironing it out, so it isn’t linked anywhere on the site, but you can start submitting bug reports right away. Just go to:


Fill in the data and click the send button. We may not get back to you on any new bugs this weekend, but you can rest assured that your bug report will be read. Keep checking this blog, you might even read about it here.

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10 Comments on “Bug reports”

  1. Andy Says:

    The total distance only reads in Yards. When running it should read out in total miles. It would also be good if you can add an average minute per mile read out.
    Otherwise it works good.

  2. SportyPal Says:

    Thank you for the much-needed feedback, Andy. We will take this into consideration for the next update.

  3. Pinker Says:

    Do you plan to make a translation WM version for Russian language?

  4. Ken Says:

    The finish times of my workouts recorded on my htc Diamond are correct but the web page shows all my workout one hour earlier. I’m in Melbourne, Australia using Eastern Standard Time at the moment (mid-winter). It looks as though you are using Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

  5. Ken Says:

    I’ve spotted a few instances of my morning workouts in Australia be recorded on the Web site as happening on the preceding day. Could this be associated with you using your server’s calendar instead of my local time? When I do these workouts it is still “yesterday” in Europe & the USA.
    (I’ve mentioned this in your “Support” page as well. Do you monitor that as well as the Blog?)

    • SportyPal Says:

      We monitor both the blog and the support page.

      What you described is a bug in SportyPal for Windows Mobile (both the device app and the site trying to compensate for local time). We’ve sorted it out and it’ll be corrected by 1.0.7.

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